Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Go for Gold

“Professional remodeling following LSWP remains the gold standard for home renovation…,” according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

In comments submitted to the EPA regarding the proposed “Lead: Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule,” on April 16, 2007, the NAHB puts forth two points that again show that only trained professionals should do remodeling.

Point One:

“Remodeling Using Lead Safe Work Practices Improves a Home’s Condition”

According to results from the 2006 NAHB lead study where workers followed EPA’s suggested lead safe work practices (LSWP) or what are called ‘modified’ lead safe work practices, a remodeling project is ‘cleaner’ then if the workers used standard remodeling work and clean up techniques, such as the woefully inadequate term, “broom swept.”

Some specific LSWP include:

· Repeated use of HEPA filter equipped vacuums.
· Wet-wiping of the work area.
· Use of 6-mil plastic.
· Misting surfaces before removing, cutting or scraping.

Other methods can be used as part of an overall LSWP strategy. The NAHB understands there are additional costs in using LSWP, but asserts the benefit to health and safety out weigh those costs.

Only trained professionals will know the proper lead safe methods to employ on a given project. All too often, reports of a child being lead poisoned come from a story where a homeowner or untrained contractor unknowingly creates and leaves behind a lead hazard.

Point Two:

“Encourage Trained Remodeling Work in Target Housing”

Here again, the NAHB asserts the need for remodelers to be trained on LSWP. Having remodeling completed by trained professionals not only improves the value of the house and improves the quality of life for the occupants, but increases the “…safety value of a home.” Scoring this hat trick for occupants certainly shows that hiring a professional to do your remodeling makes the most sense.

Offer your clients the Gold Level of service -- get trained in LSWP.