Sunday, January 29, 2006

Points of Contact

Biological Points of Contact--

The points at which foreign bodies or particulates are ingested or somehow enter our body cavity and how such exposure effects us physiologically, physically or neurologically.

The Bends: as nitrogen precipitates from your blood as you ascend towards the surface of water, bubbles will form in your blood stream and travel to your heart and cause death or become trapped in your joints and accelerate arthritis.

Male Subfertility: a male exposed to lead who produces sperm with the incorrect proteins on the head of the sperm or misshaped head which without the aid of Artificial Reproductive Technologies would not penetrate the lining of the egg.

Asbestosis: inhalation of air-borne fibers of asbestos in such concentrations that fibers become trapped against the lining of the lungs, infects the areas, mucus grows to such a large area that the lung stops working.

Mold: inhaling mold spores that become trapped in the sinus cavities and causes an allergy attack.

Remodeling Remodeling Points of Contact--

The points at which people interact with building components that contain or cover potentially hazardous materials.

Have you ever removed a toilet? Have you had opportunity to scrap the old wax-ring from the flange and catch a wiff of the smell from the soil pipe? How about removed a sink-base cabinet in a poorly maintained house? Witnessed the plums of dust generated during removal of carpet originally installed in 1958? Replaced framing rotted by water due to improper window flashing? How about cut high-density particle-board without proper breathing protection?

Done this and more and thought nothing of it? Taken in comparison with the great many issues facing modern-humans, health effects from poor air-quality is not a real barn-burner -- unless you suffer from it.

I assert, as do all other indoor air-quality advocates, that we need to increase awareness to these Points of Contact and improve implementation of procedures to better control exposure to workers and to occupants.


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